September 1986


sitting here


I tried Lord

I really did

was I right or wrong


Lord, to me you are


beyond belief

I praise you as I can


here I sit

the leader for tonight


do they hate me?

was our talk false?

Lord I tried

I tried to praise you

did they as well?


I tried to praise you

to somehow show

how I love you

how you deserve such honour

praise and admiration

was I wrong?


they tried to laugh

out of time

I spoke a lot

and got frustrated


Lord, Im so confused

who was right

why am I so sad?


now they sit and speak

so free and clear

and here I sit

a stranger




this is a group

designed to praise

and glorify your name

here we sit

talking turkey



At a Young Adults meeting where I was the

leader of a Bible Study that failed miserably.


SItting Here
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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