August 4, 2021


you are so clever

you have such knowledge

like Felix before Paul

I see and am astonished

yet, unlike him, must ask

why are you not also wise


you, who would take the spectacular

reduce it, make it mere and mundane

unlike God, Who through Jesus Christ

took what was plain and gave it glory


you, who sees holes in the Scripture

fills them with scraps of your brilliance

unlike God, Who in His revelation

leaves no question unanswered


you, who sees things that are not

calls them as though they are

unlike God, Who in the beginning

called what was not into what is


you gave me confusion to consider

God gives me a solid start to thought

you gave me a hole that never was

God gives truth that stands unblemished


So Clever, So Very Clever
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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