December 3-15, 2020


Star of Bethlehem


some say it could have been a planetary conjunction


Jupiter, for the King

Saturn, for His beauty

Mars, for the Judge

Venus, for His Light

Mercury, for our Hope


although magnificent

but transient at best

mere hours in extent

what knew these men

what hope had they

what sightless faith

to follow in dusty years

a silent sign, yet glorious

above their hear's desire


others say a super-nova or other stellar anomaly


Clarke tried that one

trying to discredit God

showing Him capricious

callous and insensitive

setting a world aflame

to illuminate our Hope


I never liked that story

not for its hate for God

but for its immaturity

its lack of understanding

of the fight it fought


still others say it may have been a comet


such as which Constantine

believing and conquering

gained himself an empire

Jesus, believing and obeying

gained Himself a kingdom

became the First of His brothers


and yet I am uncertain

a comet, though spectacular

would be insufficiently so

to herald my Saviours birth


even so, despite all discussion and debate


Bethlehems True Star

shines undimmed

above all the worlds dark


Star of Bethlehem
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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