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April 15, 2008


The Gift


To Mom and Dad

in awareness of all they are


Growing up Rhebergen

seemed no different than Smith

Mom and Dad,

like all the others,

but belonging to me

Church was just what we did on Sunday

instead of work

Faith was firm, sincere,

but wasnt everyones?

Our whole family loved God

and by extension, the world

Nothing different about us,

just two parents

raising their kids,

for decades


Then the letter

after years of rooms

filled with kids and friends

and eyes pop open

to see the gift Home was

(and is)

Steadfast faith, regardless.

Love, patience, kindness always.

Who knew the impact on us

on our friends,

even as it happened

Yet now we see

you saved our lives

you saved others lives

The sanctuary of your home

your gift to us

and to our friends



you are the gift of God


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