November 11, 1999 - November 11, 2015



The Lark Ascended


the lark ascended and flew in joyous bliss

oer wreckage of days far gone and dust

untroubled in the air once ploughed by guns

men aimed in rage at fellow men, unknown,

careless of the blood once that flowed

as rivers on distant foreign lands

and seeped into their soils

unknowing the freedom so highly bought

by our fathers and our mothers, gone

that their children may grow in peace

with the sons and daughters of fellow men


amazing grace that God could give

us men like these who many died

for men as yet unknown to live


we cannot glory these lost enough

our lives forever in their debt reside

we live, we breathe, upon their loss

we joy upon their tears


As I wrote this CFMX played “The Lark Ascending,”

a very fitting tribute to they who fought.


The Lark Ascended
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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