May 6-7, 2018


“… the perfect stillness of the night

was thrilled by a more solemn silence.

The darkness held a presence

that was all the more felt

because it was not seen.

I could not any more have doubted

that He was there, than that I was.

Indeed, I felt myself to be, if possible,

the less real …”


Rudolph Otto, as quoted by John Van Sloten

The Group of Seven - Iconic Artists

New Hope Church, Calgary


less real than You

Who Is

i am


only as You

are Real


i could not be

did You not give me



i could not breathe

did You not give me



i could not know

did You not give me



less real than You

Who is

i am


am only real

in You


The Less Real
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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