January 10, 2021


The Life-Cycle of a Cup, no, a Mug of Coffee

(after a TED Talk I didnt view)


first, the slide of the pot

safely on its glass podium

along to the counters edge

waiting, as a lover about to leap

into the welcome embrace of “I do”


then, the opening of its lid

memories of cups unforgotten

wafting into the pre-coffee morn

blackness into blackness gaping

anticipation of a wonder, paused


then, the pouring of the water

into fathomless dark abyss

must make it match the line .. exactly

there, just about, almost

oh, just a little bit above, again


and the scrape of the scoop

into gloriously scented grounds

one, two, three, four, five and six

and a little bit of one for the water

enthusiasm poured carelessly quick


push the button, push it NOW!

impatience implores gurgles drip

translucence grows delightfully dark

scent, wondrous aroma strengthens

surrounds reluctantly wakened somnolent


hand reaching for faithful mug

sugar, three scoops, and cream

at last to pour the steaming stream

nectar from fair distant land

into my three cup mug … and sip!


The Life-Cycle of a Cup, no, a Mug of Coffee
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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