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July 30, 1997


The Next Logical Step


you stood before me

presenting your body for my admiring

and it is worthy of admiration

few finer may be found

through much diligent searching

cavorting in the sun

God caused shine upon us both

in your beauty


as did I


and as I sat

rejoicing in your beauty

you gave your body to my admiring eyes

and laughed unknowing before me


I wondered

were I a bolder man

and not a Christian man

a saved man

though a weak man

but a lesser man

a fallen man

if you would be shocked

were I with you to take

the next logical step

or even if you understood

that from your actions

the next logical step

from my point of view

would take us to a bed

away from lovers scorned

where naked and alone

in unholy union

the joy your body promised

could be mine

would be



How many women would dress and carry on as they do if they knew that

the conclusion of the male in observing her is that he has received an

invitation to enjoy her body.  This is not intended to condone rape, which

is a sin of an entirely mannish sort and without the female inducement that

is described here.  It is to condemn the seduction that is the rapes obverse.

A great part of it is certainly based on the attractiveness of the observed

and the susceptibility of the observer to temptation, even in innocence.


The Next Logical Step
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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