January 30, 2000


The Pit



what once I held so dear

so removed beyond my power

that even the desire

has died


Lord God

you have seen fit

for what ever cause

to take from me this


leaving only

an empty pit

filling with grief

this soul once

filled with delight

in your service


oh my God

that you would rend the skies

come down and speak

explain why I feel this grief

why you took my joy

and tell my weeping soul

the purpose of your plan


where else is comfort midst these tears

what other power heals this wound

who but you can bear my trust


I stand upon your ball

a man of your creating

wanting only to please you

and you took from me my joy

and tonight

where once you made me brave

I stood in terror







The Pit
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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