October 10-12, 2018


The Promise


it was The Promise that brought us here

it looked so glorious from where we stood

it touched the very best of what we were

standing at that doorway, looking through

we saw a release from chain and oppression

into joyful equality, freedom and fellowship

built on the foundation of human tolerance


the more we try to change


where is our equality

if we know only by difference

do we not still look down?


where is our freedom

if the road we walk has walls

do we not still wear chains?


where is our fellowship

if we tear each other down

do we not still divide?


where is our tolerance

if we sneer at alter-thought

do we not still hate?


the more we stay the same


it was The Promise that brought us here

but now that were here we want another

weve done nothing more than exchange

our First Utopia for another, less winsome

our dreams die as dust, are trodden down

the bright and glorious tomorrow is come

yet looking back at what we had, we weep


The Promise
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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