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September 16, 1997


The Unburdening


its too easy, sometimes

to slip the harness on

of ways once forsaken

too simple to walk along

a road more desired than attractive

when the bones that mark the way

have been forgotten


its siren song calls

and beguilingly tempts

strength unwillingly strong

to simply walk along

with pleasures too subtle for fearing

as deadly as the greatest sin

man has eer conceived


strength, its weakness found

too late demands redress

from a foe uncaring

who trades alone in death

with traps and snares and iron hooks

our hearts desires ensnaring

in his evil web


yet, condemned to death,

a stream of blood is found

from One who died for all

and lives and grants us grace

frees from chains of death the slave

now adopted to the house of

heavens mighty King


The Unburdening
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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