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October 24, 2021 - October 26, 2022


This Disciples Creed


I believe in The One True God

One in being, Three in person

the Father, almighty Creator

the Son, unblemished Saviour

the Holy Spirit, comforting Guide

united in perfection

perfect in love

perfect in mercy

perfect in righteousness

united in eternity

without beginning

without end

without cause

united in infinity

all powerful

all knowing

all present


I believe in God the Father

the Almighty

the holy God above all gods

the Creator of heaven and earth

the righteous Judge of every soul

the gracious Redeemer of fallen man

the One by Whom all others are

and for His glory all else exists

every instant

every thing

every act

every word

every thought


I believe in God the Son

Jesus Christ

God and Word of God

the One through Whom all things were made

the One for Whom all things are

He is our only Lord and Saviour

He is the Fathers only-begotten Son

He was conceived by the Holy Spirit

He was born of the virgin Mary

He was revealed by John the Baptist

as the one true Light of man

He taught, healed, laughed and wept

He suffered the rejection of His own

He was crucified

He died

He was buried

He descended into hell

He rose from death on the third day

He was seen by many witnesses

He ascended into heaven,

He is at the right hand of God

the Father

the Almighty

our Creator

our Judge

our Redeemer

He will return to judge the living and the dead

He will reward every soul in accordance with their faith


I believe in God the Holy Spirit

He who calls to Jesus Christ

He is our Counsellor

He is our promised Helper

He reveals the truth of Jesus Christ

to every soul who will believe

He reminds us of Jesus words

He confirms our salvation

He comforts our affliction

He affirms our faith

He guides our walk


I believe that the Church is one

is Jesus body

His feet

His hands

His voice

is here to continue His work on Earth

is made of every person who believes

is united in one communion

one common salvation

one common faith

one common life

is to proclaim His gospel to all the earth

that all mankind may know

Jesus lives!

Jesus saves!

Jesus comes!


I believe that my sins are forgiven

the Holy Spirit confirms this

that though fallen I am redeemed

I have been made a child of God

by the blood of Jesus Christ

He has paid my debt in full

the enemy has no more claim on me

I have been made a new creation

to love Him

to follow Him

to please Him

all the days of my life


I believe that though I die I will live

at Jesus return I shall return to life

that with Him I may enjoy life everlasting

in the very house of God

and there I will serve my King forever

for the glory, praise and honour of His wonderful Name


Amen and amen!



Notes on "This Disciple's Creed"


The Apostle’s Creed has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have always loved the flow of its words and the importance of what it said; especially in the version that united us every Sunday in the Christian Reformed Church where I grew up. Parts of it troubled me though; like how the Father and the Holy Spirit were both given very little attention in relation to Jesus Christ. I was also troubled by the phrase “I believe in the Holy Catholic Church” because, while I do believe that the Church exists on Earth and is one body united by the blood of Jesus Christ, I do not believe in the Church. For many years, several decades in fact, I have wanted to write a treatment of the Apostle’s Creed that dealt with these, and other, issues but was never able to write it in a way that I felt honoured God and pleased me; until last Sunday when it just came together in one sitting and, after several revisions, became what you see here. I hope you like it.


This Disciple's Creed

A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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