April 19, 2017-February 21, 2020


this life so sorely needs a light

a tender ray or a gentle gleam

of light to shine and so dispel

the darkness so close surrounding

we who perish here in need of



this desperate life so fair and fleet

so long assailed by darkness, fails

has insufficient strength to stand

overwhelmed, falls beside too sudden

tears, fails, dismayed, sore in need of



this life so needful of a chance to

live, to spread its wings in flight

has but despair to claim its own

vainly looks to the help of faith left

dormant on the shelf, in dust, to



this life could with such glory shine

could such light upon despair bestow

yet unenlightened stands aside, its

great power for good obscured, it

idles by, useless, while the garden




It is so sad to see,

God is so glorious

yet we think it small

to belittle His glory

for our own pleasure


This Life so Sorely Needs a Light
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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