January 3, 2020


This Lovely World


this lovely little world spins

at a rather astounding rate

we, living unfazed on its crust

travel an astonishing distance

without ever taking a step

to help


but wait

theres more


this lovely little world orbits

a far, but not too distant, star

taking us along on a journey

of over a quarter billion miles

every year back to the start



but wait

theres more


this worlds star with its owned worlds

blisters both with heat and speed

every tick sees sixty go

every tock sees sixty more

to some star which when we arrive

has moved


but wait

theres more


Sir Edwins thought seems proved

though he himself less constant

this space through which we careen

in which all we know exists moves

like some endless rubber band



and yet

its less


mote-like within such vast expanse

course both topsy and turvy

moving as hither as thither

scarce giving pause to thought

and like more precipitous plunge



This Lovely World
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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