September 27, 2019


This REALLY Cant be Happening!


"Images provided to CTV News show [Bernd] Gretzinger dressed as musician Lenny Kravitz at a private costume party three years ago. Gretzinger says those at the party were dressed as celebrities, and that he went as Kravitz because the rocker is his favourite musician .... 'I idolize him. My life is music.'"


CTV News, Edmonton


this is absurd

it is simply absurd

that a man cannot honour his idol

without being raked over the coals

for a thing he did not do

while at a much higher level

one who did far more with less cause

enjoys the adulation of a nation


when did we all become so foolish


This REALLY Can't be Happening!
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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