November 7, 2018


This Road Im On


standing here you can see it

that dark patch

back there

dark, foreboding and terrifying

it was

(they were)

yet from here

but a spot

(shadowy trail)

on the map

of where Ive been


I try

but cant

but vaguely recall

how I felt

back there

I remember the horrors

the hopelessness

the fear that tomorrow

would be taken

ere it could come

but those memories

have lost their power

their talons have no claws

they cannot do more

than give me joy

I see the sunshine

feel the sunlight



standing here

in this stretch of light

looking back I see the dark

(those darknesses)

where I wept

hear but an echo

of my lonely cries

desperate for help

any help


I was in the black

back there

a while ago


in the endless bleak


by that dreadful gloom

but today


I walk in light


I wear a smile

where this road may take me


whether sunlight or sadness

Ill know when I arrive


today was

today happened

I will recall this day

this grand and glorious day

where life felt as it should

when I again need its light


This Road I'm On
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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