March 9, 1999


To Emily, Daniel and Julia

on a play day in the Desert and the Ice Stage


Hark!  What wonder from yonder desert comes

bearing wild extravagance twixt fingers and her thumbs?


Who is that comes from such distant strange extreme

and carries tribute golden for the lord and his regime?


What golden treasures beckon neath that happy care

that such an emissary guards with fortune rare?


Is that sound, that great and joyous clamour

that swells upon the streets, found of true ardour?


Why, tis fair Emily, carrying blocks careworn

in the desert of our kitchen this happy Tuesday morn.


The gladsome noise that of closer friends caroused in play

that greets our fairest playmate this golden God sent day.


To Emily, Daniel and Julia
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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