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April 30, 2001


To Friends Long Distant



after so long a time of silence

to see you in the time of our grief

strangers now

bearing gifts of comfort

soft words healing hard times

not unappreciated

and yet

tarnished by all that has gone by


in the hidden corner of my mind

this uncharitable thought:


if you had truly cared

as you say you do

why is now the first we hear of it

when for the past fourteen months

we needed it as much as now or more


Beth says it is because you did not know

had not the skill

I say you could at least have tried

for you had the knowledge of need

we have forgiven so much already

clumsiness would have been easy


I do not hate you, praise God I couldnt

but I find it hard to admire you

far too long you have left us alone in our need



It seems that I have not entirely

forgiven them for their slight.


Please God step in and help.


To Friends Long Distant
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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