November 28, 2003


To: Mr. Svend Robinson

From: A Neanderthal


"This should be a warning cry to those in the Conservative party

who are contemplating the possibility of joining up with this gang of Neanderthals"


Svend Robinson, November 27, 2003

In response to Larry Spencer of the Alliance Party


of so high estate, so popular and well-beloved

acclaimed for your position despite your position

respected advocate of social tolerance and reform

you smugly sit amongst your supporters

and in tolerance slandering your opposition

show that your own tolerance is little more

than window dressing for your own agenda

in which you tolerate none beyond your peers

or those who foolishly see your stand,

courageous as it is, to take it with you

unknowing of the consequence rebellion has

your tolerance is of the lion for the dog

content so long your needs are met

and if not met then content to crush that

which laying claim to your ambition

stands upon your way


you are deceived to believe you practice tolerance

if you would silence the oppositions voice

and close the door to the discussion of ideas

once you claimed to love

in tolerance to force your will on all

it is not tolerance but dictatorship

if all views but your own are wrong


you are a curse upon the land

who in your defiance against the Holy

would laugh to scorn the faithful


To Mr. Svend Robinson
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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