October 1984


to the depths of heaven I ascended

exultant on wings of joy

the clouds my footstool

the stars my crown


for the sake of the dance


for nothing but the love

running wild

in my soul


finding bliss

and diving in

plunging through

to despair

life cut short

almost cut off

the pain so intense

stars dim to gloom

wings turn to lead

and I fall










(it seems)


oh, to fly again

ignore the pain

to find love

to live joy

oh, to live once more




I live!

I breathe!

I sing!

the dance which faltered

once more leaps

flinging to the skies

my body once locked in death

in wild abandon

I follow the steps

laid out before me

and live

and laugh

and love


and sing praise!


to the great God who healed me

may glory be given forever

long may I live in His temple

to sing praises to His name



Years later all was forgot

and she came to me a friend

with a wonderful hug at Calvin.


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