December 1989


too much we take for granted our walk upon this earth

beneath the soaring towers of mankinds dreams

or on the open field pressing us tward the stars

to us our steps just raise the dust

stirring once, to settle as weve passed

our words, our deeds; we are our own

even we of God seem often to forget


our God

He too has set foot here

with stars adorning His brow, a crown

measuring the earth beneath His steps

that none but demons could efface


our plans oft transcending His

whose designs none can understand

we carry on too much, thinking all is day

while hour by hour, beyond all sight

our God moves us in His will

as the flower unfolds beneath His care

so all else is in His sight

the dust behind us settles quick

our plans and dreams follow us to death

yet we are walking on hallowed ground

this planet belongs to our mighty God

His love is upon it

the dust we raise, we raise before Him

the castles that crumble, crumble in His sight

our God is here, He lives, He is

our hearts too rarely feel this quickning joy

our Creator, our Master, our Lord, our Friend

is here, is with us, is leading a way

that in life we must follow to find in death


Too Much We Take For Granted
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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