September 7, 1999


Tracey in Gods Care


the ways of God are inscrutable

we see but scarce the gleam

of His glory mighty upon us

His power amazing to save

His work defying opposition

performing even through a dog

the purpose He ordained from old

beyond our comprehension

save of His mercy and His love


“I am only a man fanning a flame

But Ill keep it burning till I see You again

So until the day we live as one

To the end I will remain fanning the flame” *


“I lift my eyes to Your ocean

I turn my face to the rising sun

I lift my life to Your altar

Let it run

Let it run


Something inside of me says were only beginning

Youre part of me

From the dawn of my life

To the end of this race I will run …


… I dont know what my life will be

How to run where my eyes cannot see

Im not my own

Youve made me free!” **



Written after Ivanhoe Bible Camp 99 where

we saw Him move in ways beyond our minds.


* Fanning the Flame, by Kirkland


** Let it Run, by Kirkland


Further to the above.  The inscrutableness of God became very visible on the final Sunday morning when, after a chain of circumstances of which each was dependent on the previous, I was able to comfort Tracey Arney after an angry dog bit her on her face and neck.  Why God wanted me to be the one to help her I do not know but I am certain that all these were set so that it would be me who would come to her aid.  Thanks also to His servants Len & Brenda Jackson and Wally Reid each of whom gave me comfort after she had gone to the hospital and the shock of it finally hit me that without His care I could have been holding a dead child in my arms.


So many things happened that week, so many taken ill or injured in accidents that it was all too clear that Satan was opposing us and attempting to distract us from the purposes of God.  Yet we saw God overcome all.  Death came close but could not grapple.  Our preaching was from the same source and aimed at the same target.  Events were orchestrated that God would prevail regardless of Satanic force and prevail He did, in every event of every day, His plan went forward in spite of ours.


Only one came forward to meet and devote himself to God yet depression did not overwhelm us or threaten.  Heat claimed many yet we were not distracted.  Peanuts and dogs tried to kill but death was held at bay.  Pranks were played and failed, yet through them a man was able to rescue a child that, if all had gone as planned, he would not have heard.


Tracey in God's Care
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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