February 25, 2002


Two Weeks Later


my dear Lord, I recall the tears that Thursday morning

crying desperately “NO! into my unfeeling pillow

screaming for time to be reversed and damage to be healed

knowing all the while it was not to be so,

that death remained in spite of my anger or my tears

my silence sudden in the face of so great a reality

so much that I could not change though all power be mine

thankful that all power is yours beyond all changing

for you my great and glorious saviour have done it

saving one of our dearest and best beyond all chance of loss

no tear to dim the eye, no thief to steal the joy

no wisp of doubt between your pure unsullied love

and yet another for you whom you died to save

I thank you my Lord and my God for this indescribable gift

that through your death his death has led to life

may all our praise be ever yours and our joy be found in you


Two Weeks Later
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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