May 4-June 14, 2020


We Didnt

(but we almost did)


we didnt watch

“Raiders of the Lost Ark”

last night, though wed started


but it didnt take long

for us to wish we hadnt

memory came running back

and by the time Indiana

all got mixed facts up

on the Lost Ark of the title

on God, Whom it honoured

on the ten commands He gave

already broken by the time

Moses broke their stones

how he (Indiana)

and he (Hitler)

misunderstood everything

absolutely EVERYTHING!

about what the Ark was

about Who God is

about the broken commands

we questioned our choice

remembering and fearing both

the horribly gruesome ending

such casual disregard for life

the facts destroyed to entertain

such casual disregard for truth

both unlikely changed for better

since first seen decades ago

when we were more naïve

less discerning

or careful


we stopped


life is too good to waste on harmful things


We Didn't
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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