April 15, 2016-August 29, 2019


Weep / Hope


I do not weep that you are dead

for you have not yet completely died

I weep that while alive you speak death

Carelessly hinder the lost from finding life

with your words of a weak, unloving god


There is nothing, of all that is, too large

that His power cannot remove it

There is nothing, of all that is, so small

that His love would not assuage it


Why then do you say "So far!"

and limit Him His power to save?

Why then do you say "Who cares?"

and remove from Him His power to love?

Why would you condemn to death

those for whom He died and rose?


This world in darkness runs to Death

yet you would dim its only Light

You! Who have known His love!

Would you now corrupt its joy?

You! Who have felt His power!

Would you now deny its might?


Do you not feel His love that first gave you hope?

Do you not know His power that first gave you life?

Is His hand no longer strong enough to save?

Or His word so weak as to have no power?

Does your own reward seem so small

it has become unworthy of sharing whole?


On Him alone stands all our hope!


He is the God of Life!


His love is without an end!

His power is beyond our dreams!

Nothing lies beneath His care!

Nothing stands above His might!

He will love whom He will love!

He will save from death to life!


Let us not be of those who foolish change

His perfect way to please our shattered world


His way is Life!


Come, let us live it!


Weep / Hope
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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