June 3, 2020


Weve All Lost In This


I must say this

that man, that woman, that child

that person did not need to die

They. Did. Not. Need. To. Die.

whether they were black

or white

or yellow

or olive

or whatever other colour you choose

They. Did. Not. Need. To. Die.

that they did die is evil


every one of us has lost in this

every one of us is made less by this

a world where white-on-white

or black-on-black

is understood as mere crime

but white-on-black

or black-on-white

is understood as racism

is wrong

we are all made smaller

by such colouring of our souls


I am white

yet I am more, I am human

I am no less human than you

and should I fall

like you, I will rise


I will not allow my colour

or yours

make either of us smaller

even in this world

made smaller by their deaths

Who. Did. Not. Need. To. Die.


We've All Lost In This
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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