August 12, 2019


What Did We Do?


arguments abound

tempers burn at slightest provocation

antagonism is far too easy an answer

as are hate and the washing of hands

we are confronted on all sides

by hordes who will not believe

what all know to be true

is true


and we can console ourselves

with all the “but”s, “or”s and “if”s

we want

but at the end of the days

when their last chance to change is gone

when they face the judgement

from which we have been redeemed


Thank You Father!

do we want

do we really want

that the terror on their faces

is theirs because we did not try

at all


their lives are forfeit

just as ours no longer are


Thank You Father!

the pain that is their due

is far too great

it is far too endless

is greater far

than any risk we take to save them

no cost can be too great

for the saving of even one of them

any pain we have at their hand

infinitesimally small

when compared to our rewards



My friend runs an anti-abortion, pregnancy support ministry

and today someone was bragging on her about the number

of abortions she'd have had if she were given the chance.

She brought to mind a line from a song by Randy Stonehill

that she'd have a terrible price to pay on Judgement Day.


As a Christian, looking from the outside on that kind of evil,

I wondered what her face would look like when she stood

before God on the last day of now and first day of forever.


Then I thought "What am I doing to prevent that terror?"


What Did We Do?
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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