May 3, 2019


What I’m Happy to Have


the wind blew from a new north today

‘Blue’ and ‘Storm’ helped me find it

and today, instead of glorying in night

I’ll take delight in this day’s pleasures

and thank my God, Who always cares

for the glories He gives me to enjoy


has it made a difference? so far it has

the day is but drear, not dreadful dark

and the voice that says I’m nothing

still speaks but with insufficient force

to make this first good day of many

no less a gift given by a perfect God



Blue (DestinyBlue - Alice de Ste Croix) and ‘Storm’ (Yuumie - Wenqing Yan) both have lived with depression, depression that is much more severe than mine, and they deal with it by creating beautiful art that shows both the despair and the hope that those who live with depression know so well and so unpredictably.


Art which, unknown to them, has helped me see light.


In case either of you see this page … Thank you!





“Out of the Woods” ~ by DestinyBlue





“Feel and Conquer” ~ by Yuumei


What I'm Happy to Have
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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