December 18, 2018


What Would We Do?


what would we say, or not say

to the mother of our Saviour

if Gabriel came to see her now

joyful interrupting her quiet day

speaking words centuries coming

what would we say, or not say

if she dared to say he told her

she would carry the Son of God

would we believe what she said

would he whose ring she wore

sill walk, faithful, by her side

would we give him cause to leave

would we continue our welcome

when she came to our meetings

would we set tea and cookies

before her on our coffee table

discuss the wonders of our God

with eyes ablaze that we now see

what our first parents heard

would our bodies leap for joy

at being so near to our Lord

as we sipped tea with His mother




would we be ashamed to know her

disbelieving the words she sang

jump to horrid, evil conclusions

steal from her the joy of the life

given to her by the God we share


What Would We Do?
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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