April 22, 1998


Where Our Wonder Went


there was a time when wonder

filled our eyes, which seeing

revelled in the beauty seen


the awe struck

mouth agape

standing stock still gaze

of the ardent admirer


that beauty, that wonder, which all the world amazed

see here!

look there!

its been done but here alone

nowhere else is this to be had






we put an end to that

wonder no longer fills our day

we worry now oer growing digits

science has left us no magic

it has failed us bad


we breathe


and breathe again

our heart asurge within us

our muscles supple move


never stopping to wonder

at the miracle just done

air turned into life


we think to act

and act out thought

and a million thoughtless more


who cares!

that love can turn to life

and grow to breathe its own


our romance is dead


we have been lied to

and we believe

our wonder has been robbed

and we ignore the crime


God gave to us the grandest gift


and its appreciation

and we have trodden down

His truth

for the lie of man

that says


this is all but chance


how could wonder stay

where love itself could not

denying the glory of creation

we make even our greatest feats

no more than termite nests in scope


we have no more wonder

nor have we hope



After reading “Time and Again,”

and “From Time to Time” and the joy

Simon Morely had in what surrounds him.

Both were written by Jack Finney.


Where Our Wonder Went
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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