November 29-December 16, 2020


Why I Will Wear a Mask


there could well be a truth beyond my sight

there could well be a new world order there

a source of nefariousness as yet unknown

it could be hidden, just waiting in the wings

for the sheep to be made ready for shearing

it could be our masks symbolize capitulation

to its forthcoming unrighteous declarations

or it could be blessedly ignorant of its shame

seeking but the greatest good amid a horror

of unknown perhaps overwhelming consequence


but I am insufficiently wise to know more

than what those more wise than I have said

I am but wise enough to know that God

has power far greater than any other fear

I know this truth stands firm before me

“Your mask may save your neighbours life!”

and until that day this knowledge is changed

and even after, when the evil has been revealed

I will obey God, respecting whom He empowers

I will obey God, caring for my neighbours life


until the day their expertise infringes mine

I will defer to those who know more than I


until the day evil is no longer opportunistic

I will defer to those who seek a better world


until the day unrighteousness is revealed

I will defer to those whom God empowers


until that day and for all my days that follow

I will obey God

I will respect whom He will place above me

I will care for whom He will place beside me


Why I Will Wear a Mask
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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