March 26, 2005


Wishful Thinking


PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (AP) - Michael Schiavo's lawyer is disputing claims by her parents that Terri Schiavo is close to death.

George Felos says her "death is not imminent by any means." Felos says he saw Schiavo today -- and that "she looked beautiful." He says she appears "calm, peaceful, resting comfortably."


Schiavo's parents lost another court fight today, when a Florida circuit judge rejected another motion to replace her feeding tube. A family spokesman says that will likely be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

The family claimed Schiavo tried to say "I want to live" hours before her tube was removed, saying "AHHHHH" and "WAAAAAAA" when asked to repeat the phrase. Doctors have said her previous utterances weren't speech, but rather involuntary moans consistent with someone in a vegetative state.


Would we kill a criminal in this way

there would be incessant cries for justice

But now the judges blink

"She's beautiful," they are told


by others speaking for her

seeking to assuage concern

healing headaches with ice-cream


"and is dying with dignity."


as if starvation could be dignified


though self-willed it just could be


when choice has been removed

for expediency

it is no more than murder

slow and painful and sure




what would be said if she could speak


that her death is the desired outcome

cannot be questioned


that her life is a desired outcome

cannot be questioned


would that those in power would think for once

of someone other than themselves

of something other than finance


how can it be just

to break a pledge


how can it be just

to take a parent's child


how can we just sit

and wonder how it ends


she will not "just go away"

but will remain with us always

the outcome of this "situation"

will haunt us all our lives


Wishful Thinking
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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