October 2, 1998


Worshipping Earth


our Lord, our King

we have forsaken you

alone the God of all creation

for the creation you have made

in love

for we your image


we are your image

created for your good works

that your name alone

be glorified

be glorified

o Lord our King

even if we forsake you

let your power show itself in all the heavens

may your thunder cause again our heads,

our hearts, to turn to you


turn our hearts to you

forsake us not

who have forsaken you

alone our God

alone our Lord

be honoured in our works

may our works be once again

devoted to your name

may your name once more

be proclaimed from the early dawn

may your glory

may your praise

be ever on our lips

for your are worthy


you alone are worthy

o Lord my God

when I in awesome wonder

consider you

I quail

for you are great

and I long to praise you

as I havent

but as I should

let me and all my kin

again give glory to your name


Worshipping Earth
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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