November 23, 2008


You Must Not Mourn For Me


you must not mourn for me

when I die

for I will not mourn

but dance across the final bridge

to the golden land of God

where tears and pain will end

do not mourn


you must not mourn my loves

when I die

who gave me their love

found firm upon the love of God

for they mourn but my moving

as to an other room

do not mourn


you must mourn those friends

when I die

who, doubting my hope

think my life has its end in death

not believing I live on

as they can also live

you must mourn


you must mourn for others

when they die

whove no share in Life

who, knowing neither God nor hope,

find in death an endless grief

forever lost to Life

do mourn them


you must not mourn for me

when I die

for I am redeemed

mourn those who neither know nor care

hold them close in fervent prayer

that they may share His Joy

and not mourn


You Must not Mourn for Me
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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