November 1989


you, the Beginning of Gods creation

the Word that was with God

and was God

as your voice spoke the stars in place

or caused the world to have its life

as your hands formed man of earth

and your lungs breathed out his life

even then, at the start of all

as you joyfully sang creations days

you must have known

that the life you created with love

would one day kill you with hate

even as your hands formed my features

you must have known

that for me you would die


you are God

all mighty

all knowing

you knew

even before our fall

that you would raise us up

what love you are

in giving love and finding hate

to give it life and die for it

yet to go on creating

what you knew could destroy


thank you, God

that in this love I have my life


You, the Beginning of God's Creation
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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