February 27, 1998


A Leap of a Different Kind


I came to an edge

where the reality I lived ended

upon the vast unknown realm

against which my solid world

became immaterial and fleeting

contained within

that great beyond

inscrutable yet not alien

pointed to by all

this worlds unswerving signs

the Reality beyond the real

all encompassing and grand

confirmation of all I knew

what else could I do

but leap


and I leapt and landed


upon the Truth beyond the edge


how more reassuring

than to wander this life

avoiding Truth

only to find the edge


in death



In a mix up over which computer had the more

recent file, I inadvertently deleted the file that

contained the only original copy I had of this

poem.  What you have read is a reworking of

the theme.  I think it is superior, but the lively

original upon which it is based but since that is

gone well never be able to tell.


A Leap of a Different Kind
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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