March 2, 1998


Cast Upon the Care of God


Upon the death of Ellen Mawson,

the sister of friends, February 26, 1998.


it was raining as we left

water falling from heaven

like the tears of God

lamenting the lot befallen man

that death should reign for life


we could leave your grief behind

but its shadow becomes our own

this visit, these quiet conversations

will one day surround our own

unhearing ears and unseeing eyes

as those loved struggle for courage


death is not a foe

that saints like us need fear

one simple faith

a life of death transcends

as we are cast upon the care of God


cast upon the care of God

“the only one almighty God!”

stronger far than death itself

the joy awaiting

upon the other side

the fulfillment of His word


these tears may last a season

our love has been betrayed

but love is never dimmed

our God is Love Himself

each soul cast upon His care

will find its eternal home

within His endless love


“Lord, one of your lost lambs

is coming home tonight!”

to that home where sin no longer

can cause the lamb to fall

and all the tears of Earth

are lost in the flood of Love



First quote from a song sung by the Campbell family, also

by Hiram Joseph and Pickering Christian School; the second

from a song by Rick Campbell.  Both sung on Sunday as we

prayed for Joe and Maggie and their family.


Cast Upon the Care of God
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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