April 26, 2001




your children are here now

two out of three

leaving their mother with her family

(Beth got the call after you left

but I prayed for your life any way

as, apparently, did they,

and an other when I slept,

praying for restoration still)


now that you are away

I still do not understand

God was supposed to heal you

and He did not but rather took you home

to golden streets and blessed peace

but away from us

this morning Valerie came and we hugged

weeping, missing you already

       the joy of the promise assuages grief

       but does not blot it out completely

some friends of Natalies came with a card

and I wept again


suddenly it was real

you were no more


you will be missed my friend

may our God keep both you and us

until that glorious day of joy

when death itself will die

and joy be never tarnished



In memory of Rick Campbell


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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