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March 20, 2001


I stumbled upstairs to “The Hotel Room”

desperate to remove a headache from my head

and opened the door


to see two little bundles of joy seated before a video

dutifully drawing as they were instructed to draw

“Look,” said Daniel, “I drew a duck

see, theres the water, hes swimming!”

proud of his accomplishment

and walking to his sister

“See Dadda,” my little Jewel calls me that

“I made a duck too, but mine is flying!”

different but the same

as I gazed at the paused instructor on the screen

they looked so lovely

these two treasures (the third on a grand day out)

that I wept

for I have no hands that could hold this moment fast

for the time when they are grown


thank you God for your love

given me again in this gentle form


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