September 12, 2013


Always Trusting Someone


it stands strong, solid, secure

undeniable, powerful, irresistibly grand

a thing of beauty, made more lovely

in its utility, a joy forever

and one with the road before me

spanning a chasm terrifyingly deep

impassable but for this glorious bridge


and I know nothing


whose hands were those that built it

what minds conceived its design

did they care or scorn their fellow man

in building this magnificent span

was their plan to help or hinder


I know simply nothing


but that death owns every path but this

bridge that spans the gap before me

I have not the time to analyze it

have no skill to determine its worth

must proceed alone on the trust

that the builders were men of honour

who sought not my harm but good


Always Trusting Someone
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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