September 25, 2013


who knows when but one bright day

He shall come for me to take me home

like a long-awaited love, He will come

He will call my name and I will go

shed all this corruption and decay

discard these filthy rags I borrow

shed this skin like a threadbare suit

and rise again a new-made man

enfold within His righteousness


He will call me and I will rise

I will rise as the grave were nothing

as though earth and death were vapour

with less than vapours strength

to hold me where I lie

He will call and I will run to join Him

no more able to resist His voice

than to dispute my being formed

no more to have this world deceive me


alive at last!


for I have been redeemed!


One Bright Day
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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