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October 13, 2004


At that time

a great persecution arose

against the church which was at Jerusalem;

and they were all scattered

throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria,

except the apostles ...

… Therefore those who were scattered

went everywhere preaching the word.



what is wrong with us

why do we not go out


our sins have been forgiven!

we have been saved from death

how can this be kept secret?


He has even promised success!


I will deliver you from the Jewish people,

as well as from the Gentiles,

to whom I now send you,

to open their eyes,

in order to turn them from darkness to light,

and from the power of Satan to God,

that they may receive forgiveness of sins

and an inheritance among those who are sanctified

by faith in Me.



what is our excuse?



Written at a Bible Study at

Westney Heights Baptist Church


Scripture quotations from:

Acts 8:1…4

Acts 26:17-18


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