June 28, 2021


Bad Theology


you said these words

“These are men of God I would follow into Hell!”

you actually said these actual words

publicly, on Facebook, today

I read them just now

just an instant before

I became gob smacked

by your ignorant audacity

to couple God with Hell

as if One would lead to the other


others praise your conviction

(I read that too, often)

consider you a teacher

a staunch defender of the faith

yet I wonder

I am confused that your obvious sincerity

stands coupled to so horrid a theology


I am befuddled

that you could say

that these are men of God

whom you would follow into Hell

this of all is the lowest madness


would men of God lead to Hell?

should we of God follow such leading?

should a follower of God say such things?

if only even for a joke

what sinful jest could use

Hell as Heavens puch-line

what should those beyond us think


we have been given Jesus Christ

Gods own and only Son

alone our guide to salvation

you would much better have said:

“Jesus is the Son of God! I will follow Him into Heaven!”


Bad Theology
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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