June 23-25, 2021


Canadas Day, eh?


grief would have us close the door

take down the banners

repackage the fireworks

consider the first as a penance

paid for the crimes of our fathers

sad as I am such grief exists, here

where I have my home

here is more than unmarked graves

or, if I may speak more bluntly

these are not unmarked alone

our sons, our daughters have died

do die, where red Maple never flew

above the soil received their blood

which, also red, flowed free

that other's blood might not

flow beneath tyrannic grasp


here, where I have made my home

has been made my home by these

whose sacrifices we dishonour

if we can recall our fathers sins

yet know not our fathers glory


Canada's Day, eh?
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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