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November 7, 2002


bed-ridden, pain wracked, deserted by hope

corpses waiting to die

selling bodies to their soul's destruction

knowing no dream other than the next oblivion

other lives, less prone to pain, equally given to death

accompany and encourage (both selfish and selfless)

to a doom that is shared

with grandly jaded dreams of cleaner lives lived more wholly

empty of the TRUTH but promising of life that will never realize

fullness of soul can never come from a change

of the circumstances surrounding the person

but of the person within the circumstance



Heard on CBC news today of a doctor sponsored program

to give a clean environment to drug addicts in order to let

them better enjoy their lives and do their drugs far from the

slums and dumpsters where the poorest exist. They tried to

make us feel sympathy for a woman who sold her body for

drug money in a way that would allow her to continue to do

this horrid thing but in better surroundings. As though the

act of selling her body was of no consequence at all. How

can our nation have gone so far on the road to Sodom?


Bed-Ridden, Pain-Wracked, Deserted by Hope
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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