June 23, 2021




Descartes may have had an idea

in that dark and lonely stove of his

stone cold cast iron doubt entombed

reason, which yet emerged triumphant


I also know stone cold cast iron doubt

dark and lonely walls have entombed

reason sought desperate for its light

to see: as I am He alone must be



There are times, too many times, when Im tempted to doubt everything, to the point that Im uncertain even about God, and worry that there is no foundation on which I can stand. But then I remember: Since I have these doubts I must exist; and since I must exist I must also have a cause; and God is the only cause of all the options that makes any sense at all; and since God must be my cause He must also be; and since God must be Jesus must also be; and if Jesus must be then salvation is certain.


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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