February 4, 1988


Dear Al, Dear Judy


twenty minutes ago

you called

said “Hi”

and left again

I thank you

contact with friends

       like you

is a treat all too rare

moments turn golden

and are stored in my safe

for recall in the down times


over here nothing much is new

cept a razor


       unless youre my chin

oh and the car will be mine in March

mortgage burning party to follow

closed ceremony

only me and those who show up


I think RBC will receive me

with open arms

I registered two weeks ago

Director of Admissions says

Ill be welcome

so I guess

Ill be leaving

come August




we got snow today

tomorrow the skiers celebrate

winters joyful other side

fun makes snow endurable

it seems

it does for me, at least


six inches of it

blanket our fields

little animals leave their calling cards

everywhere they go

the world seems more open this way

God peeling back the watch cover

to show us the spinning wheels


I digress

so often this occurs

maybe it shows a lack of control

who knows?


to continue

how are you and yours

your lives and your hopes

your dreams

your loves

are things going well?

it is to be hoped

Gods blessings never stop

eyes only close


Ive always dreamt

to write this way

I hope you enjoyed it to read

as I have to write

if not, oh well

compensation is enclosed


send your smiles along when you can

so I may see again

my once and future friends


Your Friend,



Dear Al, Dear Judy
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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