April 20, 2021


Dear John Letter

(on Arguments; both Good and Bad)


Pastor John MacArthur (speaking against the imprisonment of Pastor James Coates and the forced closure of Grace Life Church): "... two thousand people have died through the months of COVID, eighty percent of them in senior homes. The remaining ones had some kind of co-morbidity."


In case you dont pick it up from the poem, I am aghast.


Dear John: Are you now telling me that

its ok not to take care of our neighbour

if theyre going to die anyway?

(even though were ALL dying)


Dear John: Are you seriously saying that

we dont need to be concerned for others

if theyre already in poor health?

(even though were ALL troubled)


Dear John: Baby killers use the same words

its ok not to let the baby live

if theyre not going to live long anyway

(even though were ALL dying)


Dear John: You sound like youre saying

its ok to kill our unborn children

if theyre going to have a troubled life

(even though were ALL troubled)


Dear John: If the Church is to argue lockdowns

then it needs to argue better than this

if no case of COVID came from that church

(even though we cant ALL be certain)


Dear John: If the Church is to fight the enemy

then it needs to take a higher road

if it speaks Gods irrefutable Truth

(even though were ALL imperfect)


Dear John Letter
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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