December 11, 2007


do you know Im a Christian?


you can see it by my car

its conservative, economical

and it has a “Jesus-fish” at the back


you can see it by my cross

simple wood on a leather cord

its always round my neck


you can see it at my desk

theres a Bible on the shelf

and no cheesecake on the walls


you can see it in my words

of protest against all thats sin

and rebellious against my God


do you know Im a Christian


I hope you do but I dont know

cause youve never said you do

as I was passing by



Kind of a riff on the ideas brought forward in

“The Pagans Nightmare,” by Ray Blackston.

Not that hes alone, but that he did it so well.


Do You Know I'm a Christian?
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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