December 11, 2007


Look Around You!


you are without excuse

who are haters of God

you deny the undeniably Real

regardless of your breath

you see sunrise and rainfall

but say “There is no God!”

you eat, you live, you laugh

but say “I am a a random thing”


open your eyes and look around you

for your own sake see what is

believe what is Real


how did you arrive

or your father or his dad

how did they know to cradle their sons

who gave their wisdom

why do you weep at their passing

if they were no more than chance


to Whom do you express your gratitude

at so great a gift as the life

of your child within your hands

or the love among your friends

why feel gratefulness at all

for what cause is joy

or the intricate flow of wind

along your skin


Look Around You!
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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